Mommy-Baby Communication

11 Benefits of Mommy-Baby Communication in the Womb That Happen Before Birth

Aug 26, 2022

Mommy-baby communication is alive and well; it’s just that a lot more moms have to find out about it! Thousands of mothers have read to their unborn babies, but still, they are not savvy about the whole spectrum of mommy-baby communication in the womb and what really can be done to bring out the potential in their babies.

What are the benefits of this awesome gift from God that allows us to communicate with our unborn children? They are different than simple benefits of communication. You’ll find that out below with these 11 benefits.

1) You can see for yourself it is really possible to communicate with your baby in the womb, no matter what anyone else says.

Becoming part of those in society who know that mommy baby communication is real is a great place to be. It puts you in a teacher position, able to instruct new moms and thus help them transform the lives of their families. But it also keeps you solidly grounded in knowing that what you are doing is real and true and is working.

2) Mommy-baby communication in the womb is a source of inspiration during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy can have some really trying times. You’ll need any and every source of inspiration you can get. Mommy-baby communication happens so naturally and you don’t have to do any work for it except be open to it, identify it, and acknowledge it! One message from your baby can literally give you a “high” that lasts for days.

3) Less stress during your pregnancy from mommy-baby communication in the womb

With all the endorphins that come from mommy-baby communication, it’s easy to sail through pregnancy with fewer cares in the world.

Even in the beginning when the messages from your baby are spread farther apart, you will still notice your stress levels lessening from this important communication.

4) Better health outcomes for your baby

Studies have shown that babies that were loved via mommy-baby communication in the womb are healthier. Perhaps it’s because the babies were less stressed, felt more secure, and felt the extra love coming from the mom who decided to spend all the extra time with them.

5) Your baby starts learning the basics of your language and any language spoken in the home.

Moms that initiate mommy-baby communication in the womb will talk to their babies a lot. To properly learn a language, one needs to learn about 50,000 words. This won’t happen in 9 months or even a few years. It could take 12 to 15 years plus quite a bit of schooling. Language is best learned when it is spoken, and that is exactly how you are communicating with your baby.

The human brain is thought to be programmed for the use of any language. This is an amazing thing in itself. One established linguist explained this decades ago and stated that the language spoken in the house the mom and unborn are living in is what the brain starts building neuronal tracts for. If different languages are spoken, then neuronal tracts are established for each language. This is how some children become multi-lingual at an early age. Knowing multiple languages may be linked with a higher IQ and easier ability to learn any topic.

I recall when I was in high school that there was a family in the community who had five children. Their family spoke Dutch, English, German, French and Norwegian; they had many relatives who were well-versed in several of these languages. The children had no problem picking up languages and became fluent at a very young age. They were all straight A students.

Listening to CDs in the background environment when you are pregnant may also help although one prominent researcher who wrote the book Brain Rules believes this is not true. He states that it’s only the spoken language that helps lay the neuronal tracts for language acquisition.

However, when you read The Womb Diaries, you will read one mom’s firsthand experience of her child understanding a language she never taught him and that he never learned in school.

This example may give us the idea that perhaps it’s whatever is in the environment that matters most; yes, the baby certainly prefers his own mother’s voice, but at the same time he hears everything in the environment – and learns it.

6) With mommy-baby communication, your baby may learn sleep schedules.

This benefit is huge for over 20-50% of all new parents who lose sleep because of their newborn baby’s interruption of their regular sleep schedules.

This is a major problem because lack of sleep and sleep schedules lead to irritability, which leads to nitpicking, which then leads to bickering and hostility within a marriage. Marital hostility is perceived as a big stress for a baby, and if prolonged, it can affect the structure of the baby’s brain and the way that baby perceives life and every situation.

The baby could begin seeing life through the lens of stress – and act accordingly, with behavior and/or personality problems.

7) If a breech position occurs, you can use your mommy-baby communication skills to get your baby to change positions.

When you read the stories in The Womb Diaries, you’ll read a few on breech babies. As a chiropractor, I was taught there are chiropractic techniques that may be used in the case of a breech birth that help the baby turn position. However, these take at least a few days to work. When you have your mommy-baby communication in the womb established, the process is simple. You’ll learn about it in The Womb Diaries.

8) Greater confidence comes from mommy-baby communication in the womb about what you are doing during pregnancy and in motherhood

If you’re a first-time mom to be, you have many doubts about many aspects of motherhood. There are so many that it could take you hundreds of hours to gain the knowledge on all of them, and your own mother and mother-in-law may be of little help. How can you get up to par quickly?

Certainly reading will be important to fill in the gaps of your knowledge but what many of the books won’t cover is the connection to humanity. Yes, there will be methods to do this and that, such as preparing the room for baby, what to eat and not eat, when to go to the doctor, and what medical milestones to look for but none of these tell you anything about connecting to your baby.

The mommy-baby communication with your baby in the womb is what makes you bring out your humanity about the whole pregnancy process. It’s what you learn when you dive straight in and start communicating with your baby. And for that, you need the 25 stories of The Womb Diaries to find out how women from around the world handled it.

9) You get a heads up from your unborn baby if something is going wrong.

Getting a preparatory warning of anything going wrong from your unborn baby is a huge blessing. Imagine your baby tells you there’s a problem with the placenta before it becomes a medical emergency. You can take care of it before you suffer through a lot of medical intervention.

Or what if your baby gives you a warning that he’s suffering from some type of heart or other organ function. You can make the appointment with your medical doctor and have the situation diagnosed before it becomes critical. It may require a C-section and early birth but your life and the life of your baby may be saved as a result.

Some babies have warned their mother of situations they were walking into as well.

If you read through the stories in The Womb Diaries, you will read examples of moms that had no idea something could go wrong – and yet, it was their own baby that helped them through the situation.

10) Mommy-baby communication with your unborn baby shows you and teaches you that you have a lot of control over how your baby will turn out.

One thing all women who told their stories in The Womb Diaries had in common was the confidence they had in their ability to be a good mother.

This was only attributable to their mommy-baby communication in the womb. Yes, they did personal research online, took classes for first-time moms, etc. but all this was “book knowledge” whereas their communication with their unborn baby was what really cemented their confidence in their ability for meeting motherhood head on.

11) Your baby gives you insight into who she likes and dislikes prior to birth when you engage in mommy-baby communication in the womb.

Knowing your baby before you bring him or her home from the hospital is always going to be preferable to starting at ground zero with a newborn who is crying. You’ll have more patience with your baby and you will cherish the relationship more deeply when things get a bit chaotic from time to time. You’ll also have fewer times that are chaotic because you know exactly what works for your baby to calm him – and it works every time.

These are only the first half of the benefits of mommy-baby communication in the womb. Read Part 2 of the Benefits of Mommy-Baby Communication in the Womb Before Birth next!