Mommy-Baby Communication

11 More Benefits of Mommy Baby Communication in the Womb That Happen Before Birth

Aug 26, 2022

If you read the first 11 benefits of mommy baby communication, you may have thought to yourself, “Wow! I can’t wait until I start this process.” But read on. There are even more benefits of communication of this type for you to read about.

Why You Really Must Start Communicating with Your Unborn Child in the Womb

1) If your husband/partner believes in it and works with you during your pregnancy, you will get closer.

Communication with baby in the womb can’t happen unless your partner is next to you. Thus, you end up spending more time together. For example, if your husband decides to read to baby, this will be an investment of at least 30 extra minutes with you – and baby daily. The more time you spend together, the better your relationship will get.

2) Healing of mommy baby communication for those who have a miscarriage.

Studies show that about 20% of babies conceive end up miscarrying. Scientists believe this may happen if there’s something physically or medically wrong with the baby and it may end up saving you a lot of grief later on if the baby did not miscarry.

However, there are other reasons for miscarriage. It’s possible that the baby simply chooses not to be born. Read through some of our stories in The Womb Diaries and you will clearly come to that conclusion. If your baby has been communicating with you the whole time – before the miscarriage, then this communication becomes an immense gift to you. You “knew” that baby. You can successfully mourn the baby’s passing and hope to meet up with him or her later in the future after you pass on.

3) You can instruct your baby on anything you want him/her to know for life.

You have amassed a compendium of life’s lessons already. Most parents don’t want to see their children re-live through all these lessons. With mommy baby communication in the womb, you have the opportunity to pass on this important knowledge. Let’s face it; there must have been a reason for you to have to go through it – and why shouldn’t your generations benefit from that knowledge? Why reinvent the wheel?

4) You can ensure your baby learns about your religious/spiritual principles.

Moms have admitted that their baby loves the same religious songs they played while they were going through their pregnancy. Your baby can become familiar with the scriptures as well by you reading them daily out loud.

What parent who is Catholic or Christian doesn’t want that? People of all faiths can teach their babies their own religious doctrines long before they are able to read on their own.

5) You know your baby’s personality before birth with mommy baby communication.

In the real world, let’s say a relative is going to be moving in with you tomorrow. You have never met that relative and have no idea what to expect. That’s stressful! But with mommy baby communication in the womb for three or more months, you have the chance to bond with your baby. You “know” your baby before he or she moves in.

6) Your baby accommodates to pets and young children in the home before meeting them.

Many parents are suspicious about the future behavior of their own pet with a new baby, especially if that pet tends to be a little temperamental. They don’t realize that pets can also sense that a mom is pregnant. It’s entirely possible that dogs somehow bond with the unborn baby long before birth and feel responsible to protect that little one. There are plenty of Youtube videos showing this.

Young children have been known to somehow communicate with the unborn baby or the unborn baby’s spirit before birth as well. Many children have told their parents something relevant to that unborn baby that was not known by them and it prove to be true. Communication is happening on different levels that we are all unaware of.

7) You have fun coming up with little games playing with your baby with mommy baby communication in the womb.

Having a baby brings out the child in you. With mommy baby communication, you have the opportunity to get a head start on it during pregnancy.

8) Mommy baby communication in the womb helps develop parenting skills.

Facing situations where your baby is communicating with you as an unborn child, you have the chance to think on the level of a parent long before you are a parent. It’s a good thing and prepares you ahead of time, thus increasing your confidence in becoming a parent.

9) Your baby may tell you his or her name and save you hours of bickering with each other or parents about it.

Sometimes name decisions can cause a lot of commotion in the family. But if you are blessed to be one of the ones whose baby tells you what his name is, that act of mommy-baby communication in the womb has just put an end to all the bickering. It’s settled. The child knows its name.

10) You fall in love with your baby before birth.

With all the happy feelings you have from all the mommy baby communication, it’s far too easy to fall in love deeply with your baby before birth.

11) You bond to your baby for life – before birth. Nothing can disrupt this bond.

Imagine how strong the bonding is to your baby at birth if you have already been communicating with him or her for your whole pregnancy. You have had hundreds of days filled with opportunities to develop the relationship.

At first, you may do simple things like read to your baby or sing to him but by the second month, you are discussing things that are very important to you. By the time you are preparing for birthing, you are talking to your baby about how you want the birthing to go, and if he is in a breech position, you are giving instructions on how to get into the proper birth position.

These are only a few of the benefits of mommy baby communication in the womb. Each mom will have their own unique benefits that haven’t even been considered here.

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