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Emotional Upheavals and Pregnancy

Jul 09, 2022


I didn’t mention I worked as a clinical nutritionist for over 30 years and taught dozens of health classes in the community. Two of the most popular classes I taught were on how to kick the sugar habit and how to reverse diabetes.

In both these classes, I showed the adult students what happens over time when someone eats a regular diet with low amounts of sugar compared to a high sugar (high glycemic index) diet. The difference is significant and remarkable.

Basically, what happens is that if you eat a low sugar diet, your blood sugar is stabilized all day long. If you eat a high sugar diet, your blood sugar will rise rapidly in the first 20 minutes after eating the meal or snack, and your pancreas then produces a super high amount of insulin to bring it down. This contributes to potential pancreatic failure, followed by an inability to produce enough insulin.

When the body circulates higher amounts of insulin, this brings the blood sugar level down too low, and then all the cravings for processed foods start up again within an hour and a half. Once the blood sugar levels are low, all types of symptoms can result:

           • lack of concentration

           • headache

           • fatigue

           • dizziness

           • aggressiveness

           • depression

           • fault-finding

           • anger outbursts

           • passing out

           • sweating for no reason

           • anxiety and panic

           • hunger

           • irritability

           • coma

           • and more

You can see from this list that no one could be emotionally grounded if experiencing these symptoms.

In fact, in the 1970s, I recall reading a book on low blood sugar that cited some researchers who tested the blood sugar of those in a mental institution before and after giving them a high sugar meal known to cause the low blood sugar in about an hour and a half. They found out that when the patients’ blood sugar levels were low, all their mental illness symptoms manifested. They were not emotionally stable when blood sugar levels were out of the normal ranges.

So if you want emotional instability during your pregnancy, eat sugar and a lot of it. If you want emotional stability, eat no sugar at all and enjoy healthy moods. Everyone will come to you with their problems asking for help because you will be the only one they know who is sane!

Sugar and high glycemic index foods are death to your baby in the womb. Keep Baby’s taste for sweet foods limited to the natural sweetness of fruits.

Keep communicating with Baby and do try to do it with emotional stability! It will only do good!

Teach your baby emotional stability and approach it in different ways – nutrition, psychological strategies, and behavior changes. It works!