Some Milestones in Baby’s Development – The Fetal Timeline

Jul 05, 2022

I love reviewing the milestones in a baby’s development in the womb. Here are some of my favorites:

Week 5 – Complicated reflex actions are noted in the womb.

Week 8 – Baby doesn’t like to be poked at, pushed, poked, or Mom’s stomach pinched and will squirm away fast or kick the location where it happens.

Week 10 – Baby’s eyes are wide open now and the eyelids won’t close yet.

Week 13-15 – Baby’s taste buds are tasting what you are eating.

Week 14 – Fingerprints are developing.

Week 15 – Baby can make a fist.

Week 16 – Baby can frown, squint, and grimace and sucking response occurs when you stroke the fetus’s lips.

Week 16 – very sensitive to light and knows when Mom is sunbathing

Week 20 – Dislikes cold water and kicks violently.

Week 26 – Baby’s eyelids open for the first time.

Week 28-32 - The baby’s neural circuits are equally as advanced as a newborn’s.

Week 32 – REM sleep occurs in the baby.

Have you ever created your own fetal timeline of what’s happening? By reviewing these, it’s possible to create your own according to what you are interested in. For example, a hairdresser might be interested in the development of baby’s hair, fingernails, and skin. Someone interested in psychology and emotional development would be interested in how the baby starts showing emotions and when this happens.

Someone interested in music would want to know when the baby can hear and responds to sounds.

What would your fetal timeline be?