Foods High in Iron

Jul 06, 2022

Raisin bran cereal (fortified)  1 cup  5.8-18.0mg

Beef liver, pan-fried               3 oz    15.2 mg

Oysters, Pacific, cooked        6 med 13.8 mg

Chicken liver, pan-fried         3 oz    10.8 mg

Tofu, regular, raw                  ½ cup 6.6 mg

Spinach, cooked                     1 cup  6.4 mg

Mussels, cooked, steamed     3 oz    5.7 mg

White beans, cooked              ½ cup 3.3 mg

Lentils, cooked                      ½ cup 3.3 mg

Prune juice                             6 oz    2.3 mg

Clams, steamed                      3 oz    2.4 mg

Beef                                       3 oz    1.6 mg

Why not just take supplements?

Iron supplements are easy to take but some may cause GI upset. Supplements are not the total answer. In the case of babies with iron deficiency anemia, some studies found that infants younger than 3 years old may not improve motor development and cognitive function despite getting their levels back up to normal. Some of the damage done from iron deficiency could be permanent in very young children.

Other ways to increase iron in the diet

• Cook on a cast-iron skillet.

• Eat foods high in iron and vitamin C together.

• Avoid eating dairy products at the same time as high iron foods.

• Don’t drink coffee or tea with meals. 

How long does it take to get over an iron deficiency?

It takes about three months. This is enough time for the new red blood cells to be created.