Is Talking to Baby in the Womb Necessary During Pregnancy? Part 3

Jul 05, 2023

In this series of articles on whether or not talking to baby in the womb is necessary, we’ve covered various reasons why moms may be debating whether or not to partake of this new experience.

Some of them have included:

            My mother never did this! Why should I?

            The stories don’t seem real and I never knew anyone who did this!

MBC seems unrealistic during a hectic pregnancy.

Can’t I nurture my relationship with my baby in other ways?

How are you feeling about the validity of any of these reasons?

Reason 5: I’m still wary about communicating with my unborn and think, should you talk to your baby bump?

The next common reason is that it just seems too weird and the mom doesn’t want to step into uncharted territory.

Moms who are wary about this natural communication method and way of conversing usually fall into a few different categories:


• People they trust told them it is skeptical.

If you’re in this category, you may have to make a decision of whether or not to let others make all your decisions for you.


Motherhood is one decision after another on a daily basis. If you were led to this page, there’s something inside you softly suggesting that this is going to help you. Search within yourself for a confirmation. Choose to have a great relationship with your children your entire life!


• Their doctor said it’s unnecessary.

You don’t want to go against doctor’s advice. But mom-baby communication is not a medical decision. It’s your baby and your pregnancy – and your baby is your legacy.


Your doctor has not studied MBC as extensively as we have and has not experienced it as our mothers in The Womb Diaries did. When making a decision, collect all the data you need – from both sides – and then make your decision.


• It’s too new of an idea and seems really far out there.

Many ideas that are now common were once considered bizarre – electric cars, the internet, 3G and 4G and 5G, doctor visits via internet, massages, scalar wave healing, hovercraft, Jetstream packs, and living in ice caves for survival. The same could be said of communicating with your unborn.


But it also could be said that MBC is an old idea, not a new one. The new idea is having a pregnancy where you ignore the unborn child the whole nine months.


What happens if you make a decision to reject an idea that really is true? You could reject the idea of mom-baby communication, and your family might suffer, especially if the child never bonds with the family and is estranged from them.


This is what happened to the dad in the previous example in Part 2. The dad bonded extremely well with the second baby BUT the firstborn is always thought to be the most important for many reasons! And because the child knew the dad was rejecting her in the womb, she has no intention of bonding with the dad. Her neurological pathways were created based on Dad’s rejection.


• They may think their developing baby is only a mass of tissue, nothing more.

This attitude is one that was started by those who wanted women to consider abortions in the 1960s and 1970s. If a woman believes this idea about a mass of tissue, it’s easy for her to psychologically decide that abortion is okay. A mass of tissue doesn’t have personality. It doesn’t even have life so to speak.


However, this sect of society that continues proposing this idea has not kept up with any of the research done on babies in the womb – and yet, they won’t inform women of the research as well!


The research confirms:

• The baby is sentient in the womb and knows what’s going on!


• The baby’s senses develop very early in the womb. For example, even when the “hardware” is not there for hearing, the baby is using other means of hearing. This is the same scenario for sight/vision.


• The fetus feels all the mother’s emotions – and its own. They decipher the difference between the two.


• If the baby was not real and not its own entity, it would not try to communicate with mom from day 3 of life on. If the baby is not its own person, this idea negates that the body is Spirit, Soul, and Body and Spirit is fully functional from conception on.

Mom-baby communication is not destructive in any way. It creates a loving and supportive environment for your baby even before they are born. It lays the foundation for a lifelong bond built on trust and understanding.

An incredible journey of mother-child communication awaits you and your baby. The Womb Diaries is a gateway to uncovering the wonders of communication with your unborn.

Reason 6: I just don’t see the possibilities. And it takes too much time.


You may think that mom-baby communication is going to be one more thing added to your daily routine. Well, in a way it definitely is.


You will have to read the stories to gain the wisdom. But once you have read the stories, the information is in your mind about how to do it yourself. That’s the beauty of stories. They are more memorable than straight data and your brain loves stories.

What you may not be considering is that talking to your baby in the womb isn’t like talking to a baby you’ve already given birth to. You don’t have to physically feed it, dress it, or change its diapers. Those are the things that take all the time. However, the gestation period is a time in your life meant to develop your relationship with your baby without any interferences or extra tasks.


Communicating with Baby is as easy as remembering to include Baby in what you are doing – you wake up and say hi. You eat a meal and tell Baby what’s in the meal. You visit Baby’s Grandma and tell Baby what she’s like. You go dancing or for a walk and tell Baby what’s happening. That’s how easy it is.


The possibilities of what can happen include:

• The incredible feeling you already know Baby the minute you lay eyes on each other

• Your baby understands you and doesn’t act like a stranger who doesn’t trust you

• You understand Baby better than anyone else despite your Baby not learning to talk for a few years.

• Your child obeys you and respects you. There are fewer behavioral issues.

• Your heart is full of love and openness for your child and remains that way.

• Your sense of protection for your unborn baby is at an all-time high – and vice versa.

• It’s the start of an awesome legacy.

• And a lot more.

Reading the stories is all it takes to start the process. In the future, we may have classes on mom-baby communication in the womb but for now, you will get more out of the stories than you would a class.

If you don’t have The Womb Diaries, now is the time to get it!