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Communication with Your Baby- Is There a Spiritual Realm?

Jul 09, 2022

Many religions teach that as a human being, you have three parts – body, soul and spirit.

Spirit? My baby has a spirit?

Yes, and you will have to feed the spiritual part of your baby during your pregnancy.

Think about it this way. What would happen if you didn’t “feed” your baby for 9 months the proper nutrients needed for its growth? The baby would die of malnutrition and probably miscarry.

What would happen if you didn’t “feed” baby what it needs to be human and to develop a personality; i.e., you didn’t talk to, sing, or give the baby emotional input? The baby would be born an emotional wreck.

So why wouldn’t you feed the spiritual part of the baby during your pregnancy?

You feed the spiritual part of Baby by listening to spiritual sermons and talks, reading inspirational stories where people were on the verge of death and reaching out to God and He answered, and listening to spiritual music that praises God.

Remember there is a part of the brain mainly dedicated to God and spirituality. This part of the brain has to develop like all other parts of a Baby’s brain. If you give it limited input, you could be faced with a God-less baby who is self-serving, narcissistic, and even violent because there’s no regard for a higher power.

Think about it. You may have had bad spiritual experiences in your life, such as something unpleasant that happened to you in church but this doesn’t negate that there is still a good God who is the highest power in the land.

I remember a sad incident that happened to someone I know. Their baby was born with broken bones and passed away about a week after birth. This is a genetic disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta. However, I tracked the disease as most likely originating from the high power wires in their backyard, registering 100 times greater than the average allowable limit for humans to have good health.

The bad electrical signal from these high-power lines was enough to interfere with the signal in the baby’s developing nervous system that says it’s time for bones to heal and close up.

This bad experience they went through was enough for Mom to blame God for Baby’s death. But God wasn’t to blame; it was the high-power lines.

By the way, the reason why babies in the womb don’t like it when you put your laptop on your lap or rest your cell phone near you is for the same reason. They feel zapped by the frequency coming from these devices.

I was the editor of a top health and fitness magazine in California for 12 years and had the opportunity to interview a radiation specialist and EMF expert quite extensively for a cover story. He took me around town to show me different areas that were not safe to be in because the electromagnetic field exceeded that which was safe for human health. I was shocked when he handed me the sensitive electromagnetic field meter and asked me to read it as we stood on the sidewalk. The meter had an exceptionally high reading.

“This is where one mother I spoke with lost her baby in a miscarriage,” he said.

“How can that be true?” I asked.

“Well, if the EMF is too high, the baby can’t live. It interferes with the baby’s heart and internal organs including the nervous system. It miscarries.”

“That’s really sad. Why do you think it happened right here?”

“The electric company buried the wires underground and they are still emitting high levels capable of causing a miscarriage. If you look up the levels safe for pregnant women by the regulatory organizations, you’ll see that this level on the meter far exceeds it. It’s simple. Exceed the level and you can get a miscarriage.”

That was the day I learned how the future of our generations could be easily snuffed out from our desire to have the fastest and best wifi, cell phones, and “smart” meters.

Remember that what’s happening in Baby’s environment is enough to orchestrate bad changes in Baby’s development. That’s the whole reason why you are talking to Baby during pregnancy – to create a rich womb environment that supports life in every way.

Back to the Mom who had the baby with broken bones … the next two babies she had were raised without a dependence on God. They are still looking for God in all the wrong places. Tragic. 

Give your baby the richness it deserves in all three areas – body, soul and spirit.

Keep communicating with Baby and recording it in your journal ! It will only do good!