Mother’s Day is Coming! Can You Think a Little Differently About It This Year?

May 06, 2023

This year is different. Just look around and you’ll see that although certain things are crumbling in society and weather patterns are wiping out entire regions, there’s a ray of hope that is coming with this spring.

We can all choose to have a different Mother’s Day this year.

You see, people are actually in a rut about Mother’s Day but they don’t know it. Mother’s Day is only for moms and maybe grandmas, they say.

Biologically that’s true … BUT yet there are actually “mothers” around you everywhere that you don’t even acknowledge.

There’s your SISTER who does her fair share of mothering you. Your AUNTS or AUNTIES who are always there for you. They deserve some recognition.

But let’s extend the boundaries even more.

There are women in your neighborhood who are your “neighborhood moms.” They do kind things for you and look out for you. They rarely get acknowledged. A sufficient number of these moms are older and exceptionally lonely on Mother’s Day too.

The reality of some of these neighborhood moms is that they may not have a family. They see you as their family and that’s why they can’t help themselves but to think about you and your needs. They’re your neighborhood mom.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture of Mother’s Day?

Then there are many women who are caregivers. Sure, maybe it’s a job, but when you think about what that job is for a minute, it’s a job where they have to take care of someone – just like a mother would. These women are angels doing the work that a lot of us can’t or won’t do. They are caregiver moms.

Now let’s extend the borders of your thinking even a little more. Do you have women – young or old – who live with their pet dog or cat? They are transferring their mother skills to their pet. You can tell because they pamper the pet or discipline their dog as if it were a child. They are dog moms or cat moms.

So why can’t Mother’s Day be a day to include:

           • Sisters and Sisters-in-law

           • Aunts and Aunties

           • Neighborhood Moms

           • Caregiver Moms

           • Dog Moms

           • Cat Moms

Giving is gracious. Giving is fulfilling unlike eating your favorite comfort food or any other activity. Giving a Mother’s Day mug to any of these moms tells them that you noticed them. That you care about them. (There’s nothing wrong with caring.) That you acknowledge and are grateful for their efforts. That you “see” them.

That’s all we all want. To be seen, heard, and appreciated.

So can you do something different this year?

Can you extend the borders of your Mother’s Day celebration to some of these lovely ladies?

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We’re sure you will find one for everyone on your list!

Even if your mug is a belated Mother’s Day gift for your extended moms (you just got the revelation), it will still be:

           • unexpected for the mom

           • bring joy to her heart and open up your heart as well

           • a source of inspiration daily for years to come

           • something that helps create a new relationship

           • a door to opening and broadening your relationship

And by the way, did you know part of the proceeds are going for setting up a much needed maternity home in Nigeria?

With your help, we can make this happen!