Nothing is Stopping You from Communicating with Your Unborn Baby!

Jul 05, 2023

Often people think that there are obstacles to communicating with an unborn baby. But in reality there aren’t any obstacles at all.


The main reason is that you are the only one with your baby 24/7. Where you go, your baby goes. Even if you are surrounded by numerous family members who think this type of communication is a bit out there, there are still many times you are alone during your daily activities. For example, you are alone in the bathtub, on a walk, while driving, in the grocery store, and in bed.


The best thing about this type of communication in the womb is that you don’t have to be wealthy. Rich or poor, both types of women can make the choice to talk to their babies.


You don’t have to be a genius. Even young children 3 to 5 years old talk to unborn babies – and end up having a great relationship with the baby after birth as well.


You don’t have to have a supportive partner either. Just because your partner doesn’t believe in it doesn’t mean you should risk your relationship with your unborn baby. When your partner goes to work, you can bond quite well with your baby during that time.


You don’t have to be in the exact right situation to have a child to communicate with your unborn baby. You could be unmarried, ostracized from your family, have moved to a new location where you know no one, have very little money at all or a good secure place to live and you can still talk to your unborn baby, enhancing your relationship with Baby.


You don’t have to have the best parents in the world. You could be estranged from your parents. Perhaps they didn’t like something you did (like get pregnant) and they decided you should go out on your own without their help. You still have your unborn baby to talk to and confide in. You’re still building the soon-to-be strongest relationship in your life.


This new relationship is based on communication between YOU & YOUR BABY. The two of you. For life.


When Mom-Baby Communication in the Womb Becomes Real


Your relationship with your baby could be so good that you would know when your unborn baby was sick – or healthy. These are examples of when you actually have a lot of power in your life.


But really, how do you know if your baby is stressed in womb?


One problem that pregnant moms often run into is that they get an ultrasound and the technician concludes that the baby is unhealthy. You could react negatively or positively when the technician says that your baby ‘may’ have a heart problem. Since you already have a relationship with your unborn baby, any problem would have been ‘brought up’ by the baby. And if there was nothing brought up, you would know that what the tech said most likely was not true.


Even if your baby did tell you there was a problem, then you would have had the heads-up and time to create a plan. This means you wouldn’t crumble to the emotions of the situation.


And in the case of the baby might have a problem – you don’t know, you would ask your baby to tell you if this was true or not. Your baby’s spirit would respond and give you the correct answer. Babies in the womb have not learned how to lie yet! That happens around the age of 3.


This type of solution is exactly what some of the moms from around the world did. Because they had put in the time it takes to develop a relationship with their unborn, they had the ability to ask Baby for a favor – to show the ultrasound technician their heart was sound (on the next exam). The baby complied – and the ultrasound technician had to eat their words! There was nothing wrong with Baby’s heart – just like Baby told Mom.


Mommy-baby communication is truly one of the best things in the world and one of the biggest blessings of having children.