Should You Be Concerned with Iron Storage Disease?

Jul 06, 2022

Iron has many important functions in the body, and yet it’s ironic that many multiple vitamins and minerals have removed it from their formulation. The manufacturers state that iron storage disease is common, and that’s why it’s not in there.

But the truth is that iron deficiency anemia is a lot more prevalent than iron storage disease. Thirty percent or more of the population has IDA and it seriously affects their quality of life whereas iron storage disease is rare to affect someone’s health till later in life and it may not affect them at all.

This is why it’s important for you to get your CBC checked yearly to make sure you don’t have anemia. Anemia harms more babies in and outside the womb than iron storage disease ever will.

Most prenatal vitamins and minerals will have enough iron in them for pregnant women. You can still check for iron storage disease as a female with tests, but it’s even more rare in females than males. No studies have been done in pregnant women yet, and thus, there’s always the chance that some women could have iron storage disease.

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