The Wisdom from Women Around the World Here in The Womb Diaries

Jul 05, 2023

There are dozens of other situations that arose during pregnancy that were confided to Dr. Donna via the stories in The Womb Diaries. All Mommy-Baby Communication Starts Here.


It’s a beautiful book you will want to keep forever because it looks great and gets you up to speed on mom-baby communication (MBC) in a few days.


The Womb Diaries is literally a how-to guide on Mommy-Baby Communication in the womb. Unfortunately, you won’t get this depth of knowledge and understanding on the topic during any prenatal classes. Prenatal classes focus on birthing and getting through pregnancy while keeping an eye out for medical signs and warnings – important information but info that won’t necessarily develop your relationship with your baby.


The women that provided their stories have agreed to give you their most private information about their communication with their unborn baby.


Their stories include:

           • their backgrounds and how life wasn’t perfect

           • the pleasure of communicating with their unborn baby

           • how they detected their baby’s personality

           • sometimes – their struggles and pains

           • exactly how they communicated

           • their response to those who told them they were nutty

           • their labor and delivery details

           • transparency about their pregnancy – what they did right and what they did wrong

           • suggestions from every mom


You won’t find any of this anywhere else! It’s all original content – and none of it is made up stories from artificial intelligence.

Even the artwork in this book has all been done by a real artist, Yana Bondaruk, who was totally inspired to draw the pictures of babies in the womb having fun. And we believe that you will love the artwork so much that you may even consider obtaining some of our Womb Baby Mugs as a present to yourself during your pregnancy. These are available on our website,


Your journey to learn how to communicate with your baby can actually be fun! This is the big part of pregnancy that has been secretive till today. The Womb Diaries is your guide. Read the stories. Ponder them. Do some of the things the moms recommend and think up some new ways to communicate. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

A lack of this information sets you up for a POORER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


The Womb Diaries is your bridge to your BABY’S POTENTIAL and your FUTURE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BABY.


It’s your mom baby communication guide during pregnancy.