Mommy-Baby Communication

What to Write in a Pregnancy Journal

Aug 26, 2022

Every Mom Needs a Diary of Her Pregnancy!

Whether you are into your pregnancy 5 weeks or 8 months, it’s not too late to start pregnancy journaling. If you’re at 5 weeks and start your pregnancy journal, it just means that you have more time to capture a lot of the small details – and fill up the journal.

And if you just entered your third trimester, that’s when you’ll do a few weeks of preliminary information of answering prenatal questions in between all the fun stuff – like recording the communication you are having with your baby in the womb.

The last trimester is the time frame when your pregnancy journal becomes more of a communication journal. Your baby wants to make sure that you know his or her personality as any other family member and will start sharing information with you that you may not have dreamed of.

That’s when – if you haven’t already - you may get a blank notebook for your diary of pregnancy (a pregnancy journal diy). However, you may feel at a loss about what to write in it.

Here’s a list of some of those key sections:

  • Information about you, your husband/partner, and the rest of your family
  • a record of how and when your pregnancy happened, how you discovered it, and your innermost feelings about the new baby on its way and/or pregnancy
  • a record of your pregnancy diet after the pregnancy’s first 5 weeks
  • everything you can recall about your doctor visits (try to be specific about dates, doctor information, what was discussed, lab tests, etc.)
  • a record of your prenatal exercises first trimester through present
  • your Mom morning routine
  • your pregnancy ultrasound photos
  • what you believe your pregnant couple goals
  • your ideas about how you want the birthing plan to go
  • a diary about the prenatal education classes you are taking, whether they are online or in person, how each class goes, and what you are learning
  • any tracking sheets of what you want to track during your pregnancy. This could include things such as preparing the room for baby with all the steps outlined, your nutrition and exercise (mentioned prior), your moods, the good things you are doing for yourself and your baby, and even the prayers you are saying for your unborn baby.

Are You Thinking of Creating a Pregnancy Journal DIY Type?

One thing you should know is that when you are keeping a pregnancy journal diy, there’s a greater chance that you will forget something that’s major and regret it later. That is, unless you do a deep dive into what types of things are supposed to be in a pregnancy journal. This could take up to 12 -15 hours of reading online and another 3 hours sitting in a bookstore thumbing through some current pregnancy journals and planners.

Most women don’t have the time to do this.

But What About Considering A Communication Journal Instead?

Another thing to consider is that nearly all of the pregnancy journals you will see on the market are focused primarily on you meeting the medical milestones with some pages for how you feel emotionally about what’s occurring. However, there’s another side to pregnancy that you want to capture in your daily diary of pregnancy ups and downs – the communication you are having with your unborn baby. It’s real and miraculous in every way. This is the real “meat” of pregnancy that needs to be recorded. It’s your baby messaging you and opening up a channel of communication that is 2 way.

Let’s face it, when you have already gone through the birthing process and delivered your baby, there are special moments when your eyes lock with those of your baby. That’s when you may feel one of two things: “Who are you?” or “Finally, I get to meet you.”

Now of course every mother is going to think to some degree, “Finally, I get to meet you” but if you have been communicating with your unborn baby in the womb, then your response quickly changes to an immense flooding wave of contentment, satisfaction, joy, thrill, and peace all at the same time.

The benefits of communicating with your unborn baby become fully revealed to you. Comparing a previous baby that you may not have communicated with in the womb to this baby where communication was made imperative as one of your pregnancy goals, you will see the stark difference. And you will continue to feel the difference for the rest of your relationship with this baby.

What Exactly is a Pregnancy Communication Journal?

Your pregnancy journal can become a communication journal. It’s when you and your baby are working out the details of your daily life together. Your baby will give you impressions about what he or she desires and needs. Maybe you want to create a new prenatal exercises routine but your baby steps in and gives you food cravings that have to be attended to. She changes your Mom morning routine. And it seems to have worked out for the better that day.

Maybe you have not invested much time in exercising other than walking and you suddenly feel a strong desire to start pregnancy stretches. Don’t think that’s just the voice of reason setting in. Most likely your baby had something to do with it. Your baby is capable of accessing your emotions and your senses, as much as you are capable of accessing your unborn baby’s senses.

It’s a Communication Plan Too!

After a while, your pregnancy journal grows another characteristic. It becomes a communication plan. Yes, I know this is a new idea. Most women will settle for a medical milestone pregnancy journal and think it’s too difficult to change their thinking. But meanwhile, their babies are crying out to them and attempting to message them. Any mom to be simply can’t ignore these pleas from her unborn baby.

Why a Strictly Medical Milestone Pregnancy Journal Won’t Do

This is why you need a communication journal, not a pregnancy journal that is exclusively a medical milestone journal. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that medical and health considerations should not be made. These are very important! Without paying heed to them, you or your unborn baby could die.

But it’s not everything. In the long run, how fun is it to read about your baby meeting all the medical milestones of pregnancy (when all of them were met right on time)? You must admit it’s a little boring!

What is exciting about pregnancy is the messages coming from the unborn baby. He’s so small and so undeveloped yet he finds ways to communicate with you. It might be through your dreams or visions during the day. You might get a picture that flashes in your mind that you know you would have never had. That’s probably from your unborn baby!

Or what about your baby’s kicking? Medical doctors – mostly men – may not understand mom-baby communication and tell you that there’s no purpose to the kicking other than the baby wants to move. Moms know otherwise.

In the pregnancy journaling in their diary, they find the true meaning of the innuendos of how the unborn baby kicks, why, when, and how to interpret it. You won’t get that understanding if you are just writing about medical milestones and morning sickness. And there’s so much more you learn from the 25 moms from around the world in The Womb Diaries.

What to Write In Your Pregnancy Journal

What to write in your pregnancy journal HAS TO include communication to and from your unborn baby. This is what life is about. The communication. The relationships. The forming of this new relationship and setting a good foundation. It’s how we can together restore the family in its rightful place in society once again. And for your family, it’s one of the most important things you can do, and something that becomes your legacy.

You can still put the usual things in your diary of pregnancy, such as the pregnancy ultrasound photos, your birthing plan, the goals you have as a pregnant couple, your doctor visits, your pregnancy nutrition plan, and exercise workouts.

Think twice about writing your own pregnancy journal diy. Learn the basics of mommy-baby communication in the womb in The Womb Diaries and get the journal that goes with it.

Think about it as a communication plan in a communication journal that is still your pregnancy journal. Start journaling and you’ll be an expert on the topic by the end of your pregnancy. That is, if that little tyke inside you isn’t destined to be a spy and is too quiet!

Blessings to your pregnancy and may your days be filled with communication that makes you feel like you are destined for motherhood in every way, shape and form!