Study Says Some Moms Around the World Communicate Well with Their Unborn, Part 1

Jul 05, 2023

Back in the 1990s, I had no idea that being pregnant would open up a whole new world of adventure to me. I had been ‘programmed’ that being pregnant caused nothing but trouble and grief and would interfere with me becoming who I could be. I never considered that perhaps God’s big plan included motherhood and a pregnancy legacy for generations to come – and it might be fun.


During the first few months of my pregnancy, my baby girl started communicating with me. She did it through visions, dreams, and auditory means where I heard her. I couldn’t make sense of it all until just recently when I spent countless hours in the medical literature seeking evidence-based studies that these things were possible.


Babies Talking to Moms in the Womb? Someone Wrote a Story On It!


A few years ago, I was honored to be editor and help an amazing author, Gary Montour, write and develop his story about a pregnant mom whose baby is talking to her in the womb. The more I worked with him, the more I saw that there are always people on similar paths and missions who are in our lives for a reason.


His story, Mama, Let Me Live! was about an unborn baby fighting for its life, holding conversations with his mom as she contemplated abortion or adoption. The baby was feisty and very independent, standing up for its right to live. Click Here


What If Unborn Babies were Excited About Living?


My baby girl wasn’t like that. I didn’t consider abortion. Instead, she was enthralled with life and all the opportunities in it for her. But that all came to a crashing halt after a discussion with her when she decided that perhaps the family she was being born into may not be such a good idea. She miscarried the very next day.


I decided to find out – years later – what other women were experiencing and asked 25 women from around the world to tell their stories about their communication with their unborn babies. The women were from the U.S., Hungary, Philippines, Romania, India, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and France. I then analyzed their stories for certain tenets of mom-baby communication in the womb. 

Some of My Top Findings

What I found was amazing:


• 74% of moms who communicated with their unborn babies had extraordinary communication with their babies after birth

It was as if every minute of time they had spent talking with their unborn babies truly paid off. The babies acted as if they had already known their moms after birth and were very obedient to their parents. They unified with their parents, and only in one case considered rebellion.


• 32% of moms “heard” messages from their baby

I was glad to find this out because I knew in my heart I couldn’t possibly be the only mom whose unborn baby was talking to her. I learned that the sense of hearing is one avenue for the baby’s spirit to communicate with the mom. As paranormal as these messages seemed, they were real.


• 12% of moms heard their baby cry in the womb

Do babies cry in the womb? Wow, this finding freaked me out a little bit – as it did the moms who heard their baby cry in the womb. But then when I read medical doctors’ reports about delivering a first twin and then hearing the second twin still in the womb crying, I knew without a doubt there was merit to it.


• 24% of babies told mom they were ready for birth – or death!

Although the percentage of babies for this was low – only about 1 in 4, it made sense to me that babies might know whether they were going to live or die. The unborn baby forms a bond with mom early in the pregnancy and wants to inform her that they won’t be around anymore – or were ready to come out. When they have a real relationship with mom before birth, they want mom to know – and not be surprised.


• 72% of moms reported their baby’s personality was well defined early in the womb

This was a pleasurable finding and it indicates the truth of the matter – these unborn babies are their own person. They didn’t wait until after birth to develop a personality; it was all there with them in the womb – all wrapped up inside them and ready to go from the start.


This finding puts big red flags on anyone’s argument that the baby is simply a blob of tissue with nothingness attached to it early in development. It also negates the idea that the fetus is part of mom’s body. The developing baby is its own entity and many parts of development depend on the baby making sure of its standing in the womb. For example, at day 3 to 4 after conception, the baby has to make sure that the uterus is conducive to life and sends out signals to see if that is true.


Aren’t these incredible? And these are only a few of the discoveries! Read more in Part 2.