Study Says Some Moms Around the World Communicate Well with Their Unborn, Part 2

Jul 05, 2023

Yes, unborn babies are truly amazing. If you read Part 1, you may recall that of the 25 moms’ stories analyzed, 72% of them said that their baby’s personality was well defined early in their womb time. Seventy-four percent of the mom-baby dyads after birth had extraordinary communication with their babies, improving family life from the get-go.  Go to Part 1

Here are more discoveries I found:


• 44% of moms recognized Baby’s emotions clearly

During pregnancy, moms were able to tune in to how their baby was acting and reacting. They learned this during their pregnancy. How great this is when you consider the alternative – waiting until Baby is born and then trying to figure out what Baby is feeling. The moms that focused on mom-baby communication before birth had a head start and felt like they knew their baby on day 1 of its life in the outside world.


• 44% of moms dreamed about Baby and what Baby was like

Close to half of the moms had dreams about their baby. This was one of the ways that the baby told the moms who they were and what kind of personality they would have. This is a pretty high percentage.


Some of the moms did state that they couldn’t determine the meanings of some of their dreams. However, after birthing, the answers became clear to them what those dreams meant. Dreams were very important to those moms who lost their babies. In one case, the last dream the mom had was of an exceptionally happy and smiling baby, even though she went to heaven before birth. This type of dream gave the mom the courage to continue living.


• 40% of moms were forewarned of trouble from their babies

I had never considered this was even possible before some of the moms told me their stories. Not only are moms concerned about their babies during pregnancy, but babies are concerned about their moms. They want their moms to be alive, healthy and well.


• 28% of moms saw their baby’s face in a vision or dream before birth (confirmed after birth)

Some moms specifically asked their babies to show them their faces. The moms did not want to live with the uncertainty of not knowing what their babies looked like and their babies complied in a dream not too long after the request.


• 20% of babies helped changed mom’s habits

Sometimes moms needed a little help changing their habits – and their babies complied again by giving them ideas on how to change. The moms agreed that the solutions were none they had ever considered – and they had an inner knowing that the solutions were from their babies.


• 60% of moms had babies who played tapping games with them

15 of the moms had babies who showed signs of being baby-like long before birth by ‘knowing’ that mom’s tapping on her belly was a direct communication. So the babies responded back. It’s sort of like in the movie ET where the scientists send signals to the aliens and then expect the aliens to send signals back. In that movie – like here in the womb – sound sent those signals.


Regarding the unborn baby, tapping on the belly will create a sound that could be heard from within. Scientists have done studies on what sounds are heard in the womb, how loud they are, and what talking in a room outside the womb sounds like.


Wow! Are you surprised? Did you ever imagine that an unborn baby’s Spirit could warn you of upcoming bad things that could happen? I was stunned by this information!


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