Study Says Some Moms Around the World Communicate Well with Their Unborn, Part 3

Jul 05, 2023

There were so many new things I discovered when I simply asked the 25 moms from around the world to tell their story about their mom-baby communication. If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2 yet, check them out!


Here are more of my findings:

• 20% of moms talked to their babies about their upcoming birth and asked Baby to do specific things during labor. Their babies complied.


Pregnant moms often agree that one thing they fear about pregnancy is the birthing process. Will it be painful? Full of complications? Will baby or Mom be compromised in any way during birth? Mom often plans for one type of birth but birthing complications can turn her well thought out plans on their head!


When moms expressed her concerns to Baby, it registered in the Baby’s spirit and the babies gave mom the birthing process that she wanted.


And that’s quite an accomplishment. Have you noticed there’s a theme of compliance through these mom-baby communication stories? This compliance goes against a lot of anti-life campaigns where babies are inferred to be a burden, a trouble, and a bother in life.


• 50% of moms whose babies died during pregnancy had the lowest mommy-baby communication scores.

This new finding gives a lot of credence to why moms need to talk to their unborn babies. The other 50% of the moms whose babies died with higher scores were ones that were grateful of their relationship they had developed with their baby. Even though their baby had passed away, they took comfort in all the positive memories during pregnancy.


• Three babies were breech during pregnancy and when Mom coached them, the situation was resolved.

To me, this was nothing short of amazing. Medical doctors even have trouble with dealing with breech babies, yet in each of the three situations, the babies responded directly to the mother’s requests to turn their body position to one where they could be born in a healthier way. Again, this shows us that the unborn babies ‘comply’ with their best friend’s (their mom) request, just as humans are programmed to react to others socially.


• 60% of the babies knew and loved the same songs they heard in the womb.

I thought this percentage would be higher. I believe that if moms were taught this from the start and looked for evidence of it after birth, the percentage would be higher than 90%.


• 21% of moms felt their babies exercising in the womb, either by choice or when Mom asked them.

Can too much movement mean fetal distress? Babies love exercising in the womb! Wow! This was an incredible paradigm changer for me.


What about you? Did you ever think this was possible? Of course as birth comes closer to the baby, it does get a little more difficult to move in the womb, but when you read the moms’ stories, you’ll see that babies were still exercising in the womb a few weeks before birth. One mom answers the question, can babies in the womb respond to commands?


• Two babies who were born underweight had extraordinary growth after birth.

Underweight babies are always a potential problem because they have to put on so much weight after birth and their organs are not entirely developed. Yet, the babies born underweight in my study were underweight as a result of the circumstances of the mother’s life in regards to nutrition. The babies made a quick comeback to rectify the situation after birth.


• Two moms enacted daily schedules to teach their baby when to be awake and when to sleep that continued after birth.

I love this one the most because of the help it can bring new parents. A high percentage of parents lose a lot of nights of sleep for the first year after birth. They don’t have to! Can babies in the womb be taught? You bet! They can be taught in the womb what the awake-sleep schedule is for the day. This could save countless parents from all the stress that goes along with lack of sleep.

Now that you know some of the things that are possible, it’s time to consider mom-baby communication in the womb for your next baby – or your next grandchild.


These moms that shared their stories weren’t moms telling their babies they could become super smart geniuses the world has never seen. (Some sects of our society are actually vehemently opposed to making babies smarter! Yet, some babies were born for that purpose.)


These were simply moms who wanted to be Better Moms – and they did it by communicating with their unborn babies.

What it boils down to is that during pregnancy, you can UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL of:

           • your baby

           • yourself

           • and your relationship with your baby


And when you do it with mom-baby communication, you establish a working and fruitful relationship FOR LIFE!

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